Creon 40000
Creon 40000
Creon 40000
Generic Name: Lipase 40000 IU, amylase 25000 IU, protease 1600IU
US Brand: Creon 40000
Manufacturer: Solvay
40000 10 CAPS. $17.50

Description : What is Creon 40000
Creon 40000 is a high strength pancreatic enzyme supplement.
Pancreatic enzyme supplements are used by people whose bodies do not make enough of their own enzymes to digest their food.
Creon 40000 granules contain a mixture of the natural enzymes which are used to digest food.
The enzymes are taken from pig pancreas glands.
How does Creon 40000 work?
The enzymes in Creon 40000 work by digesting food as it passes through the gut. So, you must take Creon 40000 at the same time as eating a meal or a snack. This will allow the enzymes to mix thoroughly with the food.

2. Before you take Creon 40000
Do not take Creon 40000 if:
You are allergic to pork or any pig product, or to any of the other ingredients (see section 6).
If the above applies to you do not take Creon 40000. Talk to your doctor or dietician again.
Additional information about pancreatic enzymes
The pancreas glands used to make Creon and other pancreatic enzyme products come from pigs used for food. These pigs may carry viruses. When Creon is made several steps are taken to reduce the risk of viruses being spread, including their destruction and testing for specific viruses. The risk of infections caused by these or other unknown or novel viruses cannot be totally ruled out. However, there have not been any cases reported where infection of patients has occurred.
Talk to your doctor if:
you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant (Creon 40000 can be used while breast-feeding)
Please tell your doctor, dietician, or pharmacist if you think that you should not take Creon 40000 for any other reason.
If you drive or use machines
It is unlikely that Creon 40000 will affect your ability to drive or operate tools or machines.

3. How to take Creon 40000
How much Creon 40000 to take
Always follow your doctor or dietician’s advice on how many capsules to take.
If your doctor advises you to increase the number of capsules you take, you should do so slowly. If you still have fatty stools or abdominal pain, talk to your doctor or dietician.
When to take Creon 40000
Always take Creon 40000 at the same time as eating a meal or a snack and drink plenty of water (see section 1).
How to take Creon 40000
Swallow the capsules whole or
Open the capsules and mix the granules (without crushing) with acidic liquid (e.g. apple, orange or pineapple juice) or soft food (e.g. apple sauce or yoghurt). Swallow the mixture straight away, without chewing.
Drink plenty of liquid every day.
How long to take Creon 40000 for
You should take your medicine until your doctor tells you to stop. Many patients will need to take pancreatic enzymes supplements for the rest of their lives.If you take too much Creon 40000
If you take too much Creon 40000, you should drink plenty of water and see your doctor immediately.
If you forget a dose
If you forget to take your medicine, wait until your next meal and take your usual number of capsules. Do not try to make up for the number of capsules that you have missed. Just take your next dose at the usual time.

4. Possible side effects
Like all medicines, Creon 40000 can cause side effects (unwanted effects or reactions), but not everyone gets them.
If you have severe or long-lasting abdominal pain, contact your doctor immediately.
If you notice any unusual abdominal symptoms while taking Creon 40000 – contact your doctor.
Very common side effects (affect more than 1 in 10 patients):
stomach pains
Common side effects (affect 1–10 patients out of 100):
feeling or being sick
Uncommon side effects (affect 1-10 patients out of 1000):
Skin reactions, such as a rash.
During use, some patients have also experienced the following, the frequency of which is unknown:
itching with or without a rash
allergic reactions (which may be severe).
At extremely high doses, some patients have had high levels of uric acid in their blood and urine.
If you notice any unwanted effect (even one not mentioned in this leaflet), or if you feel unwell while taking Creon 40000: Tell your doctor.

5. How to store Creon 40000
How and where to keep your capsules
Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children – preferably locked in a cupboard or medicine cabinet.
Do not store above 25 °C and keep in the original container. The enzymes in Creon 40000 are natural products and their ability to digest food decreases over time. If the container is left in warm conditions (e. g. the glove compartment of a car), the digestive activity decreases faster.
Do not take Creon 40000 capsules after the expiry date on the bottle.
Return all unused medicine to your pharmacist.
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